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for Nurtured 2024

Are you tired of the endless stream of business advice that fails to acknowledge your high value on motherhood?

Do you find yourself in the relentless cycle of comparing your business journey to others, only to be left with feelings of envy, frustration, or “not-enoughness”?

Perhaps you’re seeking a path that leads to greater ease and flow in both your business and life?

Maybe you’re yearning for a supportive space, a remedy for the challenges that inevitably arise, where you can share your journey and realise you’re not only not alone in this venture, but there is a whole community of mothers in business just like you, waiting to cheer you on?

Or do you simply crave inspiration and real-life examples of what’s truly possible for mothers in the world of business?

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Individual Support

Community Support

Guest Speakers


your business & family

Conventional business advice so often doesn’t account for the unique challenges of the motherhood experience, nor does it take a particularly trauma-informed or neuro-affirming approach. It can try to force us into our masculine, which, while needed at times, does not support the cyclical nature of the feminine. I, too, spent far too long attempting to grow my business while adhering to principles that simply didn’t align with my deep passion for parenting, community building and trauma-informed and neuro-affirming care.

Now, after nearly half a decade of personal experience as a mum in business, I’ve learnt how to achieve more balance and cultivate a thriving business that not only accommodates, but centres the experience of motherhood.

Here’s what I’ve come to understand:

The skills and perspectives acquired through motherhood can fortify your journey in the world of business. Your business, in turn, can both inspire and nourish your motherhood experience. Neither take from the other; instead, they can fuel each other – this is where the magic happens.

Find Confidence & Clarity

Nurtured is more than just a concept; it’s a thriving online community designed to nurture yourself, your business, and your family – without leaving you burned out.

My vision for you is for you to feel supported as you work seasonally, flexibly, and intuitively. I want you to gain the confidence and clarity you need to grow a profitable, sustainable business along the way.

This is what Nurtured has to offer:
  • 1:1 Support: You have access to 1:1 support during the group calls as well as three 1:1 mentoring sessions, where you will receive personalised guidance and support with specific challenges or goals unique to you and your business. Your individual sessions will provide a supportive space to discuss more sensitive issues and go deeper into belief and mindset work if needed.
  • Personalised Feedback: I offer individualised feedback on business strategies, offerings and how to support yourself and your family while growing your business. Feedback provided will always consider your personal and business values and current life circumstances. I see myself journey alongside you, rather than standing up ahead shouting directions at you!
  • Goal Setting: I can help you set and work toward your specific business and personal goals. These goals can be tracked and adjusted where needed through our individual sessions and the quarterly check-in sessions.
  • Accountability: I help keep you accountable for your actions and progress, supporting you to stay on track and motivated, with compassion, understanding and flexibility when you are navigating the more challenging seasons as a mum with young children.
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning: The community aspect of the program allows you to connect with and learn from your peers. You can share insights, best practices, and strategies, as well as offer feedback and encouragement to each other, fostering a sense of camaraderie and community.
  • Networking & Collaboration Opportunities: Nurtured provides opportunities for you to connect with like-minded business owners, expand your professional networks, and explore collaborative ventures.
  • Shared Resources: The community space in the Facebook group and the group calls provide opportunities to exchange valuable resources. This could include introducing each other to individuals and programs who can support you in business, as well as sharing practical tools and strategies you have found helpful in your own business.
  • Accountability: The group co-working sessions can help you to feel supported in setting and achieving your goals. They are a great opportunity to get those items on your to-do list ticked off!
  • Emotional Support: The Nurtured community provides a supportive space for you to express your challenges, fears, and triumphs, knowing you are among a group of like-minded mums in business who understand your unique experiences.
  • Celebration of Success: We love celebrating your successes and milestones, reinforcing a sense of accomplishment and motivation. The community in Nurtured is just like having your own cheer squad!
  • 3 x 1:1 mentoring sessions:
    • One in the lead up to or in the first few weeks of Nurtured
    • One mid-way through the program
    • One towards the end of the program
  • Fortnightly group calls, including 1:1 support.
  • Fortnightly co-working sessions.
  • Monthly guest speakers who bring fresh perspectives and expertise.
  • Seasonal rituals as we enter winter and come into spring. 
  • A three-hour workshop (Map Your 2024) plus 3 x quarterly check-in/planning sessions to help keep you on track with your goals and intentions you set during the initial workshop.
  • An intimate and supportive Facebook group.
  • A $100 discount off Nurtured: The Retreat (August 1-4 in Gippsland).

Please note: There are no calls during Victorian School Holidays and we also have a two week break over the second half of May.

In Nurtured 2024, I am excited to be bringing in guest speakers to speak about topics that are outside my area of expertise, to inspire you and provide further support on your business journey. All guest speakers are yet to be confirmed but I can share some of the topics those already confirmed will be speaking about! These topics include: Regenerative Business, Holding Dual Roles of Mother & Business Owner Without the Mum Guilt, Incorporating Philanthropy into Your Business, and Your Menstrual Cycle, The Moon and Your Business.


  • Guest speaker sessions are at times TBA.
  • All guest speaker sessions will be recorded and filed in the Facebook group for you to watch if you miss them.

I encourage you to engage with the space in a way that suits your individual needs, whether it’s diving in or stepping back as the seasons of your life and business ebb and flow. There is no homework, no such thing as ‘falling behind’, and a community space that will be a cushion for you to gently land on during challenging times, and a hive of inspiration and cheer-leading to lift you up and propel you forward in your business in times of motivation and growth.

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Meet Katie Parker

I’m a Social Worker of 18 years, Postpartum Doula, Parenting Educator, Motherhood Studies Practitioner, Women’s Circle Facilitator and Mother of two. For more than a decade I worked in the hospital system where I held team leader and senior clinician roles that included clinical supervision of junior social workers and mentoring of junior medical, nursing and allied health staff members.

One of the motivations behind starting my own business was that I saw how this could provide me with so much more flexibility for my family, particularly as we don’t have any local family support. I’ve now been running my business for five years and love supporting other Mothers who are also craving this same flexibility, so that they can be more responsive to the needs of their family.

I’m passionate about supporting mums to say no to the hustle and yes to doing business in alignment with their values and love bringing together my experience working as a social worker with the skills gathered through my own business and motherhood journey to support mothers to find their own authentic and resourced versions of motherhood and business. I offer a range of workshops, networking and co-working opportunities, 1:1 mentoring, my signature group mentoring program, Nurtured, as well as clinical supervision to Social Workers.

Katie Parker, accrediated social worker and experienced postpartum specialist
Mum juggling her baby and new business while participating in a group call as part of the Nurtured program

About You

your business & family

I don’t believe you need more strategy, more systems or more support that ignores the fact you’re a mother. I believe you need a community space and support that acknowledges the complexity and nuance of the season of life you’re in. And a space that offers a holistic approach to business that feels good for you, your clients, and your family.  

Nurtured is for you if you run an established service-based business or are in the early stages of creating one and want to find a new approach that feels more nourishing.  

My hope is that you’ll finish the year feeling:


mothers in business

Nurtured is unique because:

It acknowledges your unique Motherhood Experience

As a mother-supporting professional with training in matrescence theory, Motherhood Studies and maternal mental health (and a mother myself who started my business when my children had just turned two and four), I have the knowledge, skills and experience to support you with both your business and motherhood experience, tailoring this program so that it acknowledges and celebrates the profound journey of motherhood. I recognise that being a mother is not a separate facet of one’s identity, but an integral part of who you are as an entrepreneur. Nurtured validates the challenges and joys that come with balancing the roles of mother and business owner and provides a supportive space for you to share your experiences, vulnerabilities, and triumphs, fostering a sense of community, understanding and camaraderie. By honouring the motherhood experience, Nurtured equips you with strategies and support to navigate the unique challenges you face, empowering you to embrace your multifaceted identities and thrive both in your family life and your entrepreneurial endeavours.

It is Trauma-Informed

Having completed in-depth training in trauma-informed care (most recently Katie Kurz’s incredibly comprehensive training Cultivate), you can be assured that I am sensitive to the unique needs of everyone I work with. I ensure that interactions are conducted with utmost respect and consideration, and foster emotional safety, self-care and the empowerment of all participants, supporting you to go at your own pace. My trauma-informed approach not only addresses your well-being, but also paves the way for you to develop resilience, confidence, and a deeper understanding of how your past experiences can shape your entrepreneurial journey in a positive way.

It is Neuro-Affirming

On a journey to discover more about neurodivergence and women so that I could better support the noticeable increase in neurodivergent clients who were seeking business mentoring from me, I made a life-changing discovery of my own neurodivergence! Over the past 12 months I have taken a deep dive into books, podcasts and training for mental health professionals to equip me with the knowledge and tools to ensure my group spaces, programs and 1:1 work are all neuro-affirming. I value the unique strengths and perspectives that everyone brings, irrespective of their neurotype. Nurtured is structured to accommodate various learning styles and communication preferences, ensuring that everyone can thrive. This inclusive environment encourages the exploration of creative solutions, effective collaboration, and holistic personal and professional development. By being neuro-affirming, Nurtured honours the rich tapestry of neurodiversity, harnessing its potential to foster innovation and success among mothers in business.

A mum with her baby and toddler participating in the 2024 Nurtured program
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Guest Speakers

Katie Parker Nurtured Guest Speaker Headshot Dr Sophie Brock

Dr Sophie Brock

Dr Sophie Brock is a Motherhood Studies Sociologist and Mother who offers education on the sociology of motherhood and how our broader society shapes our experience as mothers.

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Louise O'Reilly- Headshot

Louise O’Reilly

Louise’s vision of a world where everyone is safe, free, and accepted to be their authentic self guides her powerful, yet gentle and compassionate coaching style.

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Hello, I'm Sarah and I love helping businesses establish their online presence.

Sarah Prime

Sarah Prime loves helping new business establish their online presence – whether it’s building a new website or revamping an existing one, she’s here to help.

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Meg Berryman Headshot

Meg Berryman

In this workshop Meg will explore four of the main principles of regenerative business and experiment with applying them to our businesses.

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Erika McInerney Guest Speaker

Erika McInerney

It’s Erika’s hope that she can set you on a path to developing good social media habits that are not only mentally and emotionally sustainable, but that bring you the results you need with less time and effort.

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Katie Parker Nurtured Guest Speaker Headshot Mitle Southey

Mitle Southey

Mitle Southey is the founder of Circle School. She teaches internationally and has facilitated circles, retreats and courses since 2016.

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business mentoring program


$ 2900


Per Month (12 Payments)
$ 250

Additional Support

Upgrade to include 1:1 Voxer (voice messaging app) support for the duration of the program for an extra $1200 (this includes leaving up to 15 minutes of audio messages per week excluding the break weeks).


$ 4100
  • Group Program + 1:1 Voxer Support


Per Month (12 Payments)
$ 350
  • Group Program + 1:1 Voxer Support
A woman noting down call dates for the 2024 Nurtured program
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Call Dates

All group calls and co-working sessions are on Wednesdays from 10:30am to 12pm AEST (AEDT during daylight savings in Victoria). Calls are not scheduled to fall during the Victorian school holidays.

All group calls and guest speaker sessions will be recorded and filed in the Facebook group for you to watch if you miss them. Co-working sessions won’t be recorded.

A woman planning out her year as part of the Map Your Year program offered by Katie Parker
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Map Your 2024

Three-hour planning workshop and 1.5 hour check-in sessions. 

Is Nurtured for you?

If you’d like to learn more about Nurtured, or have specific questions about the course, please reach out. 

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