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I offer both online and in-person counselling, support and mentoring sessions in relation to pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, motherhood and business.

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How can I help?

People who come to see me are often seeking support in more than one of these areas and there can obviously be a lot of cross-over between them, but to give an idea of what sort of support I provide and to whom, I have separated them into the following four categories. Please contact me if you have any enquiries about 1:1 support.


While pregnancy is often a time of excitement, it can also bring a multitude of physical and psychological challenges.


Becoming a mother is a monumental transition that continues to evolve over the course of our lives.


I am passionate about resourcing parents with information and evidence-based tools to support their parenting.

Child Therapy

NDIS and private child therapy, providing psychoeducation, emotional support, counselling, parenting support & play therapy.

Business Mentoring

Growing a business while prioritising your family's needs and staying true to your values can be a real challenge.

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