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Meet katie parker


I’m a Gippsland-based mum of two who wears many hats in the perinatal and parenting support space, including perinatal social worker, counsellor, postpartum doula, parenting educator, women’s circle and retreat facilitator, and the slightly left field, mentor for mums in business.

I provide 1:1 perinatal counselling, motherhood, and parenting support, as well as mentoring for mums in business, both online and in Warragul, Victoria.

I am passionate about providing spaces where mothers can come together, share honestly about their motherhood experience, receive support, and build their village.

Katie Parker standing and looking directly at the camera


Bachelor of Arts

(Major in Sociology), University of Tasmania (2000-2003)

Bachelor of Social Work

(Graduate Entry), La Trobe University (2004-2005)

Graduate Certificate of Palliative Care

Flinders University (2013-2018)

Katie Parker nursing a baby during a perinatal counselling session

My Story

Where It All Began

Becoming a mum...

Having previously worked for more than a decade in the hospital system as a clinical social worker, I thought I knew a lot about overcoming challenges and seeking support. But after I became a mum, I found myself at times overwhelmed, resentful, and unsure of who I even was anymore.

Feeling lost...

I compared myself to others, got stuck in paralysing spirals of self-doubt and resisted asking for help for fear that I would be judged. I looked around and wondered how everyone else seemed to be coping so well, yet here I was drowning in the physical and emotional exhaustion of juggling two kids under two and deep shame that I couldn’t control the rage that seemed to have come from nowhere. All while my partner and I drifted further and further apart – but I was so depleted and overwhelmed with getting through each day, that I didn’t even realise how disconnected we’d become.
Katie Parker offering pregnancy counselling at her space in Warragul

Reaching out...

When I finally did reach out for support and found a parenting approach that worked for my family and felt in alignment with my values, I realised that not only did my kids need to feel heard, supported and understood, but that was precisely what I needed as well. With time, healing some of what was showing up in my relationships with my kids and partner, and a lot of space holding from my support system, I started to find my feet as the mother I truly wanted to be.

Starting my business...

Passionate about bridging the huge gap in support provided to parents, I started my perinatal and parenting support business in early 2019, just months after moving from Melbourne to Gippsland where I didn’t know a single person and had to practice what I preached in terms of building my village. As my business grew, the familiar feelings of shame, overwhelm and doubt began to creep back in until I finally realised that I didn’t need to do business OR motherhood like ‘everyone’ else. And I certainly didn’t need to do either alone.

I started deconstructing the expectations that I’d been socially conditioned to think I needed to meet, slowing down, and prioritising the things that mattered to me. My health. My family. My community. In the process I discovered that it was possible to combine motherhood and business in a way that meets my unique needs and enables me to do the work that I love, while maintaining present, connected relationships with my children and partner. In redefining what success looks like for me and my individual life circumstances, I have moved closer to living life on my terms and in alignment with my values. I would love this for you too! 

Katie Parker offering pregnancy counselling via online telehealth
Katie Parker, accrediated social worker and experienced postpartum specialist

And Now

I’ve realised my life’s work is helping mothers and parents find their most authentic, connected and resourced experience of motherhood/parenthood (and business if you have one) by providing inspiration, resources, tools and connection with others, not to mention permission (if you need it) to slow down, rest and do the things that light you up and nourish your soul!

Together, with a little humour (and sometimes swearing), a whole lot of imperfect humanness and a warm cup of chai, I hope to move towards a reality where we can all, parents and children alike, be respected, valued and celebrated for exactly who we are.

If this sounds like the support you could do with right now, I would love to work with you!

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I offer online and in-person counselling, support and mentoring sessions for pregnancy, postpartum, parenting and business.

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