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Supporting You

in motherhood

Becoming a mother is a monumental transition that continues to evolve over the course of our lives. Whether you’re embarking on the motherhood journey for the first time, navigating toddlerhood and the preschool years, or already a mother of tweens, I’m here to provide the support you need.

Motherhood is beautiful, yet complex, and can be referred to by a term called ‘matrescence’, which refers to the developmental stage and process of becoming a mother – much like adolescence. But matrescence doesn’t just end when we’re out of the immediate postpartum period. It is a continuous process and just as we continue to support our children as they grow and develop, we as mothers continue to need support ourselves.

Katie Parker offering pregnancy counselling at her space in Warragul
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Heavily pregnant woman booking an online counselling sessions using her laptop

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* After clicking the ‘Book In-Person Session’ link, navigate to the ‘Counselling’ tab and search for Katie Parker’s name. In-person sessions are held at Warragul Wellness Centre (34 Mason Street, Warragul).

Katie Parker nursing a baby during a perinatal counselling session
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Allowing you to enjoy motherhood

You may feel like you’ve lost yourself or are unsure about who you are in this particular stage of your life. Just as babies don’t come with a manual, there is no manual about how to be or become a mother either. It is understandable that it takes some time and support to feel confident, comfortable, and to enjoy your motherhood experience. This is what I’m here for – to help you gain confidence in your mothering, to feel empowered as a mother in a patriarchal system that typically doesn’t value or support mothers, and ultimately, create a fulfilling and enjoyable motherhood experience.                                                                                                  

I would love to support you to push back against the ‘shoulds’ of the ‘perfect mother myth’, build your village of support and form respectful and connected relationships with your children, all while having space for rest, play, fun, joy, pleasure and creativity. I acknowledge this is difficult given the culture we have been socialised into where most of us live in nuclear families, isolated from community and lacking in practical and emotional support.  However, I do believe it’s within reach when we have access to the resources to be able to approach motherhood in a revolutionary and empowered way.

Let's Explore Motherhood

I’ll provide you with a confidential, non-judgmental and nurturing space where you can express yourself freely and explore the joys, challenges and complexities of motherhood. No matter where you are on your motherhood journey, know that I am here to walk alongside you, offering warmth, understanding, guidance and lots of compassion.

Here are some things I can support you with during our sessions together:

Katie Parker offering perinatal counselling at her space in Warragul
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'Gather' (Mothers' Circle)

mini retreat

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