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Guest Speaker

Ilana Kosakiewicz

Nurtured 2024

Katie Parker Nurtured Guest Speaker Headshot Ilana Kosakiewicz

Your Menstrual Cycle, The Moon and Your Business

Time: TBA

Date: TBA

Did you know that a women’s energy, emotional wellbeing and health is linked with her menstruation cycle?

This workshop is all about learning the knowledge that is already inside you, so you can live and work with more alignment, flow, energy and abundance.

It also has something to offer all women no matter where you are in your life cycle: menstruating, pregnancy, postpartum or peri/menopause.

At this event you will:

  • Understand why your cycle is your biggest superpower
  • Understand the four distinct hormonal seasons of your cycle
  • Learn how the moon and your cycle are linked
  • Understand how to plan your work and business around your cycle
  • Explore your womb space with a guided meditation

About Ilana

Ilana Kosakiewicz is a leading Australian kinesiologist, women’s wellbeing mentor, and yoga and meditation teacher. She is an entrepreneur with a past life as a CPA accountant in the corporate world.

Ilana’s own health journey with chronic fatigue, irregular cycles and auto-immune disease taught her that slowing down, finding moments of stillness, and listening to the body’s intuition are not just important – they are essential. 

Ilana is passionate about teaching women how to optimise their energy, step into their power and cyclical nature. She assists women to live in alignment and flow by learning to structure their weeks around their energy levels and listening to their bodies.

She also works with children (and some men) to assist in shifting their essence, energy and mindset so they can live authentic, content and happy lives.

Originally from Gippsland Australia, Ilana now lives in bayside Melbourne. She spends her days with clients, mentoring, facilitating workplace workshops, teaching yoga and meditation, running retreats, writing, cooking in her kitchen and spending as much time at the beach as she can.


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