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Guest Speaker

Erika McInerney

Nurtured 2024

Erika McInerney Guest Speaker

Mastering Sustainable Social Media

Time: TBA

Date: TBA

What if marketing and social media was easier? What if you could stop stressing and guessing about what to post and when and could focus more on what your business needs, what your audience connects with and what makes you feel good about connecting with your ideal clients. That’s what Erika McInerney is focused on through her business, Mac&Ernie.

In this workshop we will:

  • Acknowledge the challenges women in nurturing professions face with social media.
  • Explore bad social media habits, how to recognise them and how to kick them.
  • Discuss how to set realistic and business-focused goals.
  • Develop ways to ensure your content aligns with your business values and target audience.
  • Explore time-saving tools for content creation and scheduling.
  • Develop your daily/weekly/monthly tasks focused on your goals, resources and comfort levels.

It’s Erika’s hope that she can set you on a path to developing good social media habits that are not only mentally and emotionally sustainable, but that bring you the results you need with less time and effort.

About Erika

Erika comes to us with 28 years experience in advertising and marketing and a clutch of qualifications including a BA in Media & Comms, Masters of Marketing and Cert in CX (Customer Experience). She’s a certified practising marketer with the Australian Marketing Institute and has worked as a mentor for the Australian Small Business Advisory Service, Inspiring Rare Birds, Global Sisters, Ken Hore Tourism Marketing Program and more.

Erika works with small businesses, community organisations, local governments, healthcare providers and more to build brands, develop bespoke marketing strategies and teach social media skills. She is particularly passionate about working with people in regional and rural Australia and her podcast “Small Town Business” was a regular in the top five in Australia.


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